Monday, 13 October 2008


SeekersGuidance (, the Online Islamic Educational Portal of Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, has just launched its fall courses in:
1. Islamic Law (Fiqh)
2. Beliefs & Understanding (Aqida)
3. Prophetic Guidance
4. Qur'anic Studies
Course Format: Conveniently downloadable lessons.

Course Texts: Text translations, lesson handouts, review questions, and other related readings will be provided upon course opening.

Registration is now open.
First 10 registrants in each course get an early bird 20% discount
First 5 registrants in each course also get a free copy of "The Branches of Faith: Bringing Faith to Life" (a 4-lesson set)
Returning students registering in any course get a free copy of Imam Ghazali on "Organizing Your Religious Routines"
Courses to commence from Friday, Oct 17th 2008.

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