Monday, 8 October 2007

Why SunniPath?


1.Sheikh Nuh [may Allah preserve him] teaches there.

2.You have teachers like Sheikh Hamza Karamali and Sheikh Faraz Rabbani,who not only have the knowledge but they also have a lot of wisdom to match it.Their views are very well balanced and they tell you how to apply Islamic knowledge in this day and age.Most importantly they are teachers with a state or hal,something you can only experience after being with them for a while [even in an online course].

3.If ever you have a problem while accessing a Live Session, you can always depend on Sidi Ismael Rumzan to help you out.There are few people who are as capable, hardworking,helpful and humble as Sidi Ismael.

4.The SP Academy has an extremely polite,friendly and unbelievably hardworking Managing Director.Yes that`s Brother Imran Chowdhury.Those who have met him will definitely agree that by far he comes across like an elder brother, who is willing to guide you and help you.Quite surprisingly ,he listens very patiently to student suggestions,welcomes their views,and is always keen to work on new ideas.May Allah swt preserve his enthusiasm for the Academy.

5.Ustadha Noura Shamma.She is just a beautiful soul.Those who have met her,cannot help but be inspired from her presence.SubhanAllah ,she has so much ikhlas,knowledge, adab and strength of character.May Allah swt help us benefit from her.

6.Sidi Abdullah /G Totten.In case of any IT problems,Sidi Abdullah will usually be of utmost help.

7.All the helpful and lovely TAs and CAs, who welcome you to courses,send in weekly class reminders,and lend you a helping hand when you are stuck in a course for any reason.

8.For all the free live sessions that SP organizes.SubhanAllah,they are so beneficial.Recently we had two free Live Sessions on "Islam and the language of the Arabs" and "Why Money Matters to Allah".The recordings of both events is available on

9.We had a live session with Sheikh Nuh from Amman today.

10.There is an upcoming event on Eid with Sidi Imam Zaid Shakir.

11.You can acquire knowledge sitting at home, at a time that best suits you and review it as many times as you want.You can raise questions in live sessions and discussion forums.Benefit from the presence of Scholars and students and get encouragement to persue knowledge.There is no "discredit" at SunniPath.

12.There are tons of other reasons ,but I`m sure you get the picture now.

The upcoming fall semester will start in a few days time.Please register and be a part of the SunniPath experience :)

[PS.Picture taken from the SP website]