Saturday, 22 November 2008

Subtle Humour

m: "Oh ! They`ve just dimmed the lights." Walks away to turn them on.

A: "Don`t worry, my pupils will dilate in a moment and adjust."

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Most Glorious

"Most Glorious," [Sheikh] Yunus echoed , and then fell silent. Hours later, when we were returning at night through the spring-verdant lands of the Bani Hasan between Mafraq and Zarqa, we opened up the car windows and the smell of herbs and grass poured in with the night air. Sheikh Yunus, of Bedouin stock , was moved to speak of Divine Love, which I had never in the previous eight years heard him speak of before. "The smallest breath of it , the faintest trace , is enough to dissolve and wash away the entire universe with all that is in it : one forgets all of it together."

Source: Interpreter`s Log by Sheikh Nuh Keller , page 30.

May Allah SWT be well pleased with Sheikh Yunus.