Monday, 27 August 2007

SunniPath in Leeds

Recently some of us spent four days in Leeds in the company of the awliya and the master.In the gathering were representatives of SunniPath as well.

We met Sidi Zaheer and quickly realised we had seen him Live in one of the Orientation sessions ,in the beginning of this semester.Took a lot of us some time to believe that the person behind the camera was in our midst.The brother mentioned Ustadha Noura being there as well and almost everyone [SunniPath students of course] sighed in awe.

Having read about Ustadha Noura and having heard her do some Live sessions,it takes one quite some time to believe that the teacher is extremely polite, friendly and humble in her manners.Extremely eloquent as well.

She was kind enough to give the sisters a small lecture on "Love of the Prophet Muhammed" [Allah bless him and give him peace].SubhanAllah ,it was an excellent lecture.She mentioned the tree against which the Prophet [Allah bless him and give him peace] leaned against and how it cried once the Prophet [Allah bless him and give him peace] left it.SubhanAllah,one could see tears of emotion in her eyes as she mentioned Allah`s beloved friend.

In a lot of ways one feels that it is the hal or the state of the teachers at SunniPath along with their sound academic back ground that makes them so different from a lot of other Islamic organisations.They come across as perhaps the humblest and politest.More importantly they treat and talk to you at your level and help you move ahead in a steady , firm and consistent manner.

After a couple of months , one sits back and realises how much SunniPath has helped one evolve.Some of it has to do with just being in the company of the righteous.May Allah swt help the academy and all its staff.Ameen.

Sunday, 26 August 2007


The moon and the stars are so beautiful
More beautiful than them are your Awliya

More beautiful than them are your Ambiya
And thus one wonders how beautiful must You be!

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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The world with all it colours

The world was once so beautiful
with so much splendour and so many colours

Yet ,it now stands as a sphere
wherein one only seeks You

What beauty shall one compare You with
What words will do justice to Your splendour

No eye has witnessed
No thoughts can ever reach

The glory and majesty that truly is Yours
And everything else has faded away

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf writes about Florence Nightingale

"Florence would have found a kindred soul in Islam`s Rabia Adawiyya, the great 9th century Basran mystic who refused marriage several times, preferring passionate love of God as a devotional path instead".

Ya Allah ,please preserve Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.Verily in this day and age there are very few people as beautiful and blessed as the Sheikh.