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The Sheikh says :

Ibn-Omar [may Allah be well pleased with him] said,"Taqwa consists in not seeing yourself as better than anyone."

"The Women Worshippers" from The Wake-Up Call of the Deluded

The following audio file is a translation and commentary of a small excerpt from the famous book called The Wake-Up Call of the Deluded at the End of the 10th Century Hijrah, Concerning That In Which They Have Differed from Their Pure Predecessors, by Imam Abul-Mawahib 'Abdul-Wahhab bin Ahmed al-Shafi'i al-Sha'rani (d. 973 AH).

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Source : by Sidi Khalil Abu Asmaa .

May Allah SWT bless Sidi Khalil for such a beautiful blog.Alhamdulilah.

Causes of the Expansion and Constriction of the Heart

Quran : "Whoever Allah SWT wishes to guide He expands his heart to Islam.And whoever He wills to leave astray He makes his chest tight and constricted as if he is going up into the sky."[Al-An`am, 125]

Ibn Qayyim Al- Jawzi[may Allah have mercy on him] says:

From the causes of the expansion of the heart is this light that Allah SWT thrusts into the heart of the servant and it is the light of faith [iman], for verily when this light comes into the heart it expands the chest , it makes it wide and it brings joy and happiness to the heart. And if this light is devoid from the heart of the slave then it becomes tight and constricted and it becomes as if in the most tightest and confined prison and the most difficult.

The Prophet [Allah bless him and give him peace]said that when this light comes into the heart it expands and it gets wider .The Sahaba [May Allah be well pleased with them] asked the Prophet [Allah bless him and give him peace], "what is the sign of that?"

The Prophet[Allah bless him and give him peace] said , "The sign of such is constant turning and yearning towards the abode of eternity and indifference to the abode of delusions and preparation for death before it arrives".

Causes of constriction of the heart :

1.Turning away from Allah [Doing what is displeasing to Allah, not doing what Allah SWT wants you to do at that particular time and place]
2.The attachment of the heart to other than Him
3.Being heedless from His remembrance
4.Loving other than Him.[For verily whoever loves something other than Allah he is punished by it (i.e it bites you) and his heart is imprisoned in the love of that thing.]

Source : Khutbah at Medina Center on May 23, 2008 , by Sidi Khalil Abu Asmaa

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